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Luu Ky An
(01/03/02 3:56 pm)

About Su Pham Anh Van 1978 Home Page
I met Ly Thanh & Ngoc Lan for the first time after over two decades during their visit to California August 2001, we had so much to catch up and talk about. Thanh & Lan suggested a home page for our class and I liked the idea right away. A few months went by but we were so busy in our day to day living, so finally, we made it happen. I hope everyone will enjoy coming to this home page and somehow relive the old days and memories when we were young.

Ngoc Lan
(12/07/04 7:25 pm)

Ban be xa gan
Chao tat ca moi nguoi, ranh roi lam on ghe vao day viet vai hang ve nhung ngay xua than ai o truong DHSP. Vua nhan duoc email cua An. An hoi ai trong hinh. Mo hinh ra, Thanh va minh cuoi qua chung. Vi nguoi trong hinh la Pham Van Nga va vo cua Nga. Troi oi, Pham van Nga dau co thay doi nhieu ma An khong nhin ra duoc. Cung hay la minh co co hoi biet mat vo cua Nga. Trong hai nguoi thiet giong nhu tai tu Hong Kong...Thay chua, phai chiu kho vao day, gui hinh le le len de ma con nhin ra nhau. De den luc gia qua roi la ''too late'', la buon lam. Chuc moi nguoi vui ve va mong day la dien dan de minh noi chuyen va nhan gui voi nhau.
Thanh va Lan

Pham Van Nga
(01/09/05 4:14 pm)

Pham Thi Tho
(02/13/05 6:01 am)

My dear friends
I had to be on duty remotely yesterday so I took the notebook with me and have an opportunity to write to you all now.

I have received all of your congratulations on my birthday and mails recently but I am sorry I could not answer you right away. I just want to give a big hug to all of you and say thank you with all my heart as you still remember me after a long time out of place but not out of mind.

Dear Nga (Pham),
I read your poems at Ky-Anís web site the other day and felt deeply moved by the beautiful words and beautiful meanings. Itís wonderful that your romantic and poetic soul has still survived all of difficult times at home. I wish I could see you some day so that I could listen to the verses being read by yourself, my dear great poet Nga.

Dear Phung,
I am very sorry I had failed to answer you before you left for Vietnam. Since I began my career as system administrator more than more than ten years ago, I have worked almost 10 hours daily. At KPMG, I receive averagely 40 to 50 mails every day. Usually, I must react immediately to the most urgent mails that have something to do with technical problems, tasks to fulfill, trouble-shootings etc. in our firm. I did put your mail in the folder family and intended to answer it later on. Unfortunately, I forgot your mail along with all my daily problems to solve, projects to realize and tasks to do. I am very sorry about it. Please forgive me.

Dear Phuc-Hien,
it is very nice to hear from you again after such a long time. I thought you were in Australia. So wrong was I. I have still kept in mind the days we were together at the Pedagogy University of Saigon as well as in Da-Lat. How is your family? I still remember your father, mother, the two sisters, your only brother and anh So. Phuc Hien, what your father told me through reading my hands the other day as I came to see you at your home in Da-Lat has all been coming true. How is your father now?

My dear Quang-Nam,
I was deeply moved as I got your mail. I still remember the day Thanh and you came to visit my family at the new economic region where it was I donít know any more. There are still some good and bad memories you will never forget till the end of your life and you are a good memory I have always cherished, dear Nam. My parents will fly here to see us at the end of March 2005 and I will remind my mother of you. I still reserve a place in my heart for you, my dear Quang-Nam. Please send Ky-An some pictures of you and your wife so that I can see your face again. Do you have children? If you do, please send some pictures of your children, too.

Dear Thuy-Nhung,
I am sorry I cannot see you again this year. My parents will come here on Easter and stay here for 3 weeks. But I have another question to you. Can you try to organize a class reunion somewhere in Canada for us? :-)) I will surely manage to come no matter what happens with my running projects here.:-)) I admire your husbandís skill for the Vietnamese language. Do you talk to each other in Vietnamese at home? Can your children speak Vietnamese, too?

Dear Thuy,
I have missed you, Chuck and your family a lot. The most suitable time you can come to see us is summer break. Please tell me several weeks beforehand so that I can apply for my leave in time and someone taking care of my tasks, projects etc. You still look beautifull and very happy with Chuck at the web site of Ky-An. Where were you in Italy last year? We made a day trip to Sicily as we visited Malta last summer. Sicily is so beautiful. So is Malta, too. When my parents come here at the end of March 2005, we, the whole family of five, will fly to Malta together at Easter for a week.

Dear Lan-Thanh,
thank you for having called my parents. They and I have owed you a lot for all things you have done for them. You two have proved that a friend is a flower in the garden of life. Thank you for having kept us in touch, too. When will you fly to Europe?

Dear Phuong Trinh,
every woman on earth will look beautiful if she enjoys her vacation at most after long months of hard-working .:-)) Ngoc-Lan is right. To read a beautiful poem and to hear the poem you love so wonderfully commented is like reaching the last point of pleasure.:-)) I hope you know what I mean.:-))

Dear Phuc&Cuc,
I am very glad to get in touch with you again. Please send Ky-An some pictures of you two and your children so that I can recognize you on the street if I happen to fly to Australia some day in the future. We will come to see you some day as Australia is still in the list of countries we have planned to visit once in our lifetime. Do you still have contact with Loan&Tuan? I lost the contact with them a very long time ago. Loan told me in the last letter to me that Tuan had problems with his two children who he hadnít seen for a long time and that Tuan worked at a post office and wanted to open a grocery for Loan.

Dear Tuyet Nga,
I have read your CV at Ky-Anís web site and admired your courage a lot. Will you please send Ky-An some pictures of your family, too? If you have a chance to visit your family in Canada, please let me know. I will manage to fly to Canada and visit you as well as all of our old friends living there: Lan+Thanh, Trinh and Nhung. I was once there to visit Lan+Thanh at Calgary. I am still impressed by the beauty, healthful air and the cleanliness of Canada.

I would like to come to an end here. If you notice my quietness for a long time, please don`t be surprised. I will in the end answer you all, though with a little lateness. I hope you still remember my old nickname "Ti-Rua".:-)) Just for fun. Time is my only challenge in life abroad. We have everything here: freedom, democracy, job, money, all but free time to do what we cherish.:-)) Please forgive me beforehand.:-((

With love!

Pham Ngoc Thanh
(04/22/05 9:36 pm)

Thanks so much for your big hug...

so warm that melt out the cold of this North East, NJ. Well, it's 92F degree this afternoon, believe it or not - a record high! I think it's because of the sound of our Class Reunion coming down...

Cac ban than men, I am hearing your voice somewhere by me while reading your emails and I know for sure I still have you, all. Cam on ban Pham Van Nga, nha tho si van nhu thuo xa xua duoi mai truong SP. Ban Luu Ky An, cam on ban email hoi tham - nhin hinh ban van thay kho nhan ra ban. Thuy Nhung - well, khong the quen ban, cang khong the quen duoc giong cuoi cua ban. Hong Dao (call name in English) chu khong phai Hong Dao kick si, nhin hinh ban, Thanh nhan ra ngay la Hong, van tuoi tan nhu thuo nao, nhung giong noi co ve la la.

Ban Tho than men, nhan ra ban ngay, ban dung co nhin an do nghe...

Cac ban co khoe khong? co may chau roi va bay gio ra sao?

Thanh ban biu vat va hon xua vi cong an viec lam (as a Database Administrator), lai phai chan bay con 3 dua - hai trai mot gai. Chau trai lon bay gio 18, da vao dai hoc, hai chau kia 16, 14 - high school students. Ba xa voi minh ngay ngay di lam chieu toi moi ve, co le giong nhu moi nguoi o xu la deu nhu the ca.

Well, Thanh khong biet noi gi nhieu hon dem nay. Co le nhu vay cung tam du de cac ban nhin biet ve Thanh of today.

Best Regards.

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