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We held the first oversea reunion at Washington DC in August 2005
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Tuyết Nga’s visit to Ottawa, Canada, 2005

June - August, 2005
Pictures with Phương Trinh, Lý Thành, Thùy Nhung, Thọ, Ngọc Lan

First reunion at Washington DC, August, 2005

Arrival - July 31, 2005
Evening arrivals at Hồng's house
Opening Dinner Ceremony

Day One - August 1, 2005
Sing & dance
Evening cook out dinner

Day Two - August 2, 2005
Day one at New York City

Day Three - August 3, 2005
Day two at New York City

Day Four - August 4, 2005
New Jersey
Celebrate Phương Trinh's birthday

Day Five - August 5, 2005
A day at Washington DC
Reunion Dinner

Day Six - August 6, 2005
Make over and Áo Dài
Rainer's departure
Evening teleconference call I

Day Seven - August 7, 2005
Kỷ An's departure
Morning teleconfenece call II

Day Eight-Ten - August 8-10, 2005
Class of 78 goes to Virginia Beach

Post Reunion
Our thoughts

Tìm Lại Mùa Xuân - Cherry Blossoms, April, 2006

April 1-9, 2006
Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington DC

Hợp mặt bạn bè - Here and There 2007

April - October, 2007
Mini reunions here and there

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