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First reunion at Washington DC, August, 2005

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Day One - August 1, 2005

Our catch up continued as we woke up. We gathered at the dinning table, Ngọc Thanh got the guitar out and started warming up. Ban Hợp Ca Táo & Chuối set the tune with "Hoa Soan Bên Thềm Cũ", followed by "Smile". The heat was on! Hồng & Thanh did a "Lê Uyên & Phương" impersonation; we moved to the living room, turned on the volume, Karaoke VJ stood by; sofa aside, the dance floor was ready. Camera. Action. The show was on.

Ngọc Lan and Cathy were still tracking down the luggage, so we did some shopping at the local mall.

In the evening we did the cook out dinner at Hồng's backyard patio.

Lê Uyên & Phương

Here comes the pro

Warming up

Ban Hợp Ca Táo & Chuối

Move on to the dance floor

There you go

Class of 78 Rumba!!!

More dance

Dinner cook out


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