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First reunion at Washington DC, August, 2005

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Day Three - August 3, 2005

Day two at New York City.

We took the ferry boat (Grey Line) touring along the coast line of Manhattan; we saw lots of bridges, buildings, and the Statue of Liberty. Shortly after noon we went to see a Broadway show "All Shook Up". We went to China Town, met Huệ and had dinner at Phở Tự Do.

It was a day jam packed with activities. Despite we were very tired at the end, we gathered in the hotel room, looked at the pictures we took, we talked about our live after 1978.

Morning at the hotel

The Statue of Liberty

Hồng & Thọ

Class of 78 by the Statue of Liberty

Thọ & An

Broadway Show: All Shook Up

Broadway stage

Meeting Huệ at Chinatown

Beauties at the table

Looking at pictures of the day

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