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First reunion at Washington DC, August, 2005

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Day Four - August 4, 2005

We checked out the hotel in the morning and headed back to Hồng's house in Washington DC, lunched at a Sushi buffet restaurant (New Jersey) - Ngọc Thanh's favorite place, celebrated Phương Trinh's birthday (it was 08/02).

We did some shopping at a mall in New Jersey to exercise our feet after sitting for a long time in the car.

By 8 p.m. we arrived at Hồng's house.

Before leaving the hotel

Bàn chân ai đang đề trên vai Hồng đây?

Phương Trinh getting the candles lighted up

Phương Trinh the birthday girl

Make a wish, ready, go!!!

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

The restaurant

Preparing late dinner at Hồng's


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