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First reunion at Washington DC, August, 2005

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Day Two - August 2, 2005

Ngọc Lan and Cathy got their luggage delivered early morning, it was perfect timing because we were going to New York City today.

We started the trip by 10 a.m. The temperature was rising. After 5 hours we checked in the hotel in New Jersey, rested a little then headed for New York City by 5 p.m.

Here we came, class of 78 at New York. There were so many people on the sidewalks, so many cars jamming the streets plus the summer heat, it was overwhelming. We visited Times Square, Radio City Hall, and Rockefeller Center. We had dinner past 10 p.m. at a restaurant in China Town, went back to the hotel in New Jersey after midnight.

Arriving New York City

On the way to Times Square

Phương Trinh - Sunglass - Us

Ngọc Lan has a new boyfriend

Class of 78 having fun

Pose for a picture

Times Square - Wow we are in awe

Class of 78 rocks

On the way to the next place

Ngũ Long Công Chúa at Rockefeller Center

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